About Amplified

Aaron “Amplified” Parra grew up in Oracle, Arizona – once a prospector’s  town – his musical mining came from when his dad would play “Mr.  Blue” by The Fleetwoods and “Runaway” by Del Shannon, or when his mom  would put on an Elton John or Beatles record. His mom came from a  musical family – both her parents played the guitar and sang. Her  siblings did as well. One of her brothers, Ray Willis, recorded two  albums and wrote platinum songs for Kenny Rogers and Ronnie Milsap.  Uncle Tommy played guitar on tour with Andraé Crouch and even graced the  stage at Carnegie Hall. Uncle Chuck toured the states and played guitar with his band, The Country Express.
As his dad played Huey Lewis and the News, Prince and SWV, Amplified’s  older brother, Ruben, introduced him to the hip hop sounds of Dr. Dre,  Snoop Dogg, House of Pain and Cypress Hill. He melded those sounds with  his own musical influences: talented producers/performers like  BattleCat, DJ Muggs, Daz Dillinger, DJ Quik, and Warren G invaded his  ears.
He trained in piano for nine years, applying those lessons to the  keyboards and instrumentals he contributed to J Boog’s 2016 Grammy-nominated “Rose Petals.” He got to contribute to BattleCat’s  production on “Intrology,” which featured George Clinton on Snoop’s “The  Blue Carpet Treatment.” For that, the kid from the gold mining town  received a gold record.
Amplified’s producing career took shape from there, working with a slew  of hip-hop, rap, reggae and R&B artists that grew with him: Kurupt,  Young Buck, Iggy Azalea, Butch Cassidy, Kokane, WC, Mykestro, Focus and  Tha Dogg Pound. Not to mention more work with Snoop and Daz, another  chance to collaborate with idols.
The music took him from Arizona to Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Las Vegas, each city making its own mark on what he hears, how he  interprets it and what he imagines as the next tracks to be heard by listeners situated in countless other cities, waiting to find their own  musical muses.
Amplified’s debut album, “Authenticity,” was released on June 13, 2018.  Creating a replica sound to blend in with others’ success is fool’s  gold. The music Amplified is mining for is the real thing.


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